Bonus Deuces Wild Poker Review

Utilising a typical 52 card deck within each round of play, Bonus Deuces Wild Poker is far from unique in the sense that it auto-shuffles before each game played. Each and every deuce in the deck is considered wild, and similarly each may be utilised in order to provide players with their winning combinations.

As is typical within the confines of modern Microgaming, Bonus Deuces Wild Poker gives its players the added bonus of super convenience through auto conversions. In other and hopefully less complicated terms: the software programs the deuce in a way that gives you the highest possibility of a winning combination on the last deal.

Lodging bets are blissfully easy, with a simple control on the bottom left hand side of the interface allowing individual selection of denomination (by way of (+) and (-) signs) as well as minimal amount of direct action keys (‘Bet One’, ‘Bet Max’) etc.

With the games auto play and expert mode functions, some may make the assumption that Bonuses Deuces Wild Poker is a game that is less about skill and more about blind sighted entertainment at the expense of what is, in its traditional form at least, an institution within gambling both past and present.

A particularly interesting function of the game is the ‘doubling’ option. It’s the first time most will have encountered this option within a poker-related to Microgaming; and it certainly sets the title apart from the others they will have played recently. Essentially all it does is allow the player, after they had won, the option of playing immediately again for double the amount taken from the table in the previous round.


Five cards are dealt out, four face down and one face up. The dealer is dealt one which is face up and it is the objective of the round to select a face down card which betters the dealers. Failure results in decimation of the pot, success in the option of doubling up once more. All in all, this poker offering is a very well-functioning game with a good grasp of the concepts it is designed to represent and few fresh ideas thrown in for good measure!