Virtual Poker Applications to Influence Future Gambling Trends

The excitement of poker machines with the bright lights and flashy music have lured gamblers towards them like magnets. Since the time they were introduced enthusiasts have waited eagerly for weekends to try their luck. New generation gamblers are luckier as they do not have to wait for the weekend or travel to a casino as poker machines are now available as applications to them. Now poker games are available on every smartphone platform which can be downloaded as an application via Google Play or several others, such as The easy availability of poker applications on smart phones is like multiple poker machines in clubs and pubs which may increase number of problem gamblers.

Research Results of online gambling

Gambling research lab located in Bundaberg is carrying out a research in collaboration with CQ University of Australia and Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation and have developed a poker application to collect user data that will help them to understand gambler behaviour. They invite people through online surveys to play on their application for free and then record their play patterns over a period of time. Through this study they are collecting data about player behaviour to find patterns that will help them distinguish between problem gamblers that those that play for leisure.

How players control the urge to play

According to researchers collecting data, the main concern of people advocating against gambling applications is their ability to influence children at a young age. Gambling applications that urge players to try out gambling at a young age make them treat this vice as any ordinary game and they do not realize it’s addictive pattern until it is too late. Research shows an encouraging trend among poker application players that are not interested in going to a real casino and playing with money. These players are happy with their phone application and do not want to waste money and time going to a real casino.