Video poker strategies every player should know

This type of card game requires strategic thinking because it is very much dependent on luck. Players can gain an advantage by knowing their opponent’s betting strategy, or they can also play recklessly without calculating. How can you win big in video poker? Let us tell you!

The player who plays the maximum bet wins more often than not.

The maximum bet has a lot to do with your bankroll, and if there are no other factors involved, then the player should always opt for the max bet even though he/she may receive fewer payouts. This is because we have a house edge (or a loss of profit). If one can get away with a lower-limit bet, it would be best to go with it as long as possible until his/her bankroll runs out.

You will see “Video Poker Bonuses” at times when playing online poker.

These bonuses are usually offered for free to new players and this is another reason why some people feel inclined to use them every time they start playing. To maximize these bonuses, you need to know what games they are offering, how many bonus points they give per bet, etc. Once you have gained an understanding of all those things, you can decide whether or not to accept the offer. But don’t make any hasty decisions; analyze everything first before accepting or rejecting.

Always keep an eye on the “Pay Table”.

If you see a favorable payout pattern, it means that you have found a winning combination. For example, if you are getting paid 50% on reds 7’s and 20% on blackjack, then try playing two or three hands at once. This way, you will win bigger payoffs.

Try to increase your bet size whenever you find yourself losing.

If you notice that your earnings suddenly decrease after you made a large bet, that is a sign that you have gone over the top. Reduce your bet size to something more reasonable while still trying to reach your original goal. Make sure that you stick to your plan. A good rule of thumb is to never play more than 10 hands at once since most of the time, these hands will end up leaving you empty-handed.

Learn to read the dealer’s cards.

It doesn’t matter how strong your hand is if you keep getting beaten by the dealer. So learn to read the dealer. If she has a royal flush, you might want to fold. And if she has a straight flush, you might want her to call.

There is nothing wrong with bluffing sometimes.

It is okay to raise your bet as long as you are confident enough to back it up. If you think you have a great hand but lack confidence in it, just wait for your opponent to act. He or she might not show weakness in front of you so it is very likely that you can win if timed correctly.

Don’t play too aggressively unless you have an ace high flop.

Playing aggressively will only lead you to lose money faster. You might as well save your energy for your next hand.

Play according to the situation.

Sometimes you will draw weak hands like KK suited, QQ suited, AK suited, and so on. It could mean that the casino isn’t paying off so you should take advantage of such situations.

When doing multiple bets, consider starting with the smallest bet.

This is because the smaller the bet, the less likely it is that you will win big. So you will always come out ahead if you choose the small bet.

Remember that there is no point in betting against yourself.

You will always be better off waiting for someone else to throw his chips into the pot.

Be careful about playing too often.

Some casinos will allow their players to play only one hand per hour, and even that is a lot. It is best to limit yourself to two or three hands.

Use your heads!

There is so much strategy involved in playing poker. So if you aren’t using your head, you will be missing a huge chance to earn more points.

Never play higher than you can afford.

Even though you may think that you can handle the losses and still stay afloat, things might get out of control very quickly. So make sure that you don’t go bankrupt before you start playing.

If you lose, consider that it was part of your learning process.

All poker players experience ups and downs from time to time. So when you do fall behind, don’t worry about it. Just work harder and you will eventually turn things around.


Gambling games are exciting to play, and they can bring you some serious rewards. However, as mentioned earlier, gambling comes with its risks. Knowing how to gamble right is essential to winning. The above article can help you learn how to gamble properly.