Top online poker tips

Although you may hear some general rules of thumb regarding the best strategy to play online poker, it’s often better to look at specific situations and adapt accordingly. In particular, there are three main things you should focus on when playing online poker. As far as risk reduction is concerned, online poker allows you to place only one bet per hand. Moreover, the fact that there is no real money involved makes it easier to control your losses without having to worry too much about going broke. 

Bankroll management

Your bankroll management is a critical factor in your success, so make sure that you have enough money to survive for as long as possible by using an effective bankroll management system.

Avoid overplaying

This means not making more bets than you have bankroll to cover.

Pay attention to what other people do

 Use information about how others play. For example, if they’re betting high then raise them aggressively to get their chips back.

How To Win At Online Poker?

The term “online gambling” can be used to describe such activities as playing electronic card games like blackjack or baccarat online. However, the phrase “online poker” refers specifically to playing poker against players around the world with no physical presence being required. The popularity of Internet-based gaming has grown tremendously in recent years, particularly since the invention of online poker sites. There are many advantages associated with playing online poker. First of all, it is very convenient because you can play from virtually any location, whether this is your home or office, or even while traveling. You can also take advantage of time saving features, which enable you to log into your account at any hour of the day or night. 

Five strategies of online poker

Play the player

 Don’t try to win by trying to outsmart the opponent. Instead, find out where they’ve been unlucky recently, and exploit that weakness. If you know the strength of their weak hands like KK suited but 8s off suit, then you’ll be able to predict their range and act accordingly. Also, don’t fall victim to their natural tendencies such as chasing draws, bluffing, trapping pocket pairs, etc. Instead, concentrate on identifying their weaknesses and exploiting those.

Know the game

Learn the basic concepts, e.g., hold’em is played between 2 opponents who each have 13 cards, whereas stud is played between 5 opponents and each player has 9 cards. Understand why certain decisions are made and what factors influence these decisions. Find out the most common mistakes and devise ways to avoid them.

Study psychology

Some players base their decisions purely on luck (e.g., the flop just happens to come down perfectly). Others choose based on intuition (i.e., they think something will happen when they see it might happen). By analyzing the way that different players behave, you’ll learn which approach works best for them and thus increase your chances of winning.

Be a good reader

One thing that separates online poker professionals from amateurs is their ability to read their opponents correctly. In order to do this, you need to understand the basic principles of reading and apply them effectively. Pay special attention to body language, how they stack their chips, and how they react during the betting round. This knowledge can make a big difference in determining the outcome of a hand.

Have fun!

Poker is not as serious as some other forms of gaming, and thus it’s important to enjoy yourself while playing. Use social tools like Skype and Yahoo Messenger to get in touch with friends and family when you’re away from your computer. It may seem silly to play poker while chatting, but it really does help relieve stress and keep you focused.

Practice, practice, practice! 

Even if you’re an experienced player, it never hurts to go through some training exercises. 

Improve your skills

Once you’ve learned the basics, start practicing on free trial websites. They have great rewards programs that offer you free money to put towards your bankroll.

Set realistic goals

 Most people set unrealistic expectations when they begin playing poker. Although you want to win every hand, remember that poker isn’t a lottery; rather, it’s a sport. Thus, don’t expect to win every single hand. Instead, focus on making consistent profit over a period of time.


Above are strategies and tips you need to win online poker real money. Following the tips explained in this article will increase your chances of smiling at the end of the day when it comes to online games.