Online poker strategies for every new player

But before you start playing online or at a landbased casino, you’ll want to become an expert at proper strategy. There are lots of things that can derail your game, like the stakes you select, your bankroll management and even your table manners. Check out these top online poker strategy secrets from pro players.

Play the Hand You’re Given

The first rule of Texas Holdem is to play the hand you’re given. This means don’t be afraid to fold if you have bad cards. If you go all in with two pair when you could only afford one raise, you may lose money on every single hand. The goal should always be to make sure you win as much as possible without going broke.

Don’t Bet Too Much

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they begin playing online poker is betting too much. While it’s great to get an edge over other players by raising more often than them; it won’t help you if you’re not winning. Always bet what you can afford to lose but never bet so much that you feel like you’re losing every pot. It will likely lead to losses and you might just end up quitting altogether.

Be Patient

Poker is played over many rounds and hands. As such, there is no rush to call down early against weaker opponents. In fact, it’s better to let them hit their flush draw before calling them down to avoid getting “stuck” holding a weak hand.

Get Confident

There’s nothing worse than entering a tournament full of confidence only to leave it completely empty-handed. That’s why it’s important to build your confidence step by step. First, focus on learning how to read your opponent properly. Then, learn how to bluff and set yourself up for success. After that, practice folding and rerouting until you feel comfortable doing it consistently. Finally, pick a couple of big buyin tournaments and work on mastering those games. With time, your skills will improve and you’ll find yourself enjoying the game more.

Know How To Handle Your Bankroll

When you first enter a new online poker site, it may seem tempting to try all the cash tables and put everything you earn into your account. However, this isn’t wise because it can quickly deplete your earnings. Instead, you should focus on building a balance between deposits and withdrawals. Once you’ve built up some capital, you can then choose which type of tournaments to participate in and where best to use your money.

Choose A Good Poker Room

If any part of online poker feels wrong to you, chances are the room itself is the problem. For example, if you prefer live action, stick with rooms that allow you to do so. By the same token, if you enjoy watching TV while you play, look for a room that shows sports channels. Of course, there will be certain sites that cater to both types of players, but others only offer one or the other. Make sure you’re happy with the experience before you sign up.

Take Advantage Of Free Cash Tournaments

Online poker has grown incredibly popular over the past few years thanks in large part to its ease of access and user-friendly interfaces. Even though the majority of poker players start out as recreational players, more and more people are turning pro. One way to get started is through free cash tournaments. These usually require either no deposit or very low entry fees. There are even some sites that give away thousands of dollars worth of chips each month. You never know when these cash events may pop up and you’ll want to be prepared!

Play More Games

This goes along with tip number seven, but you need to try different games. Some people love Omaha while others prefer Stud. Try to mix it up so you’re not getting bored and stuck in just one type of game.

Find New Apps

As technology improves, so too does the array of apps available to poker players. From Twitter chatrooms to Facebook groups, you can find like minded poker enthusiasts anywhere. If you see something interesting, follow it and join in the conversation. The key to finding great people is to keep an open mind and stay curious.

Stay Up To Date On Changes

For instance, poker legislation in several states recently changed, and many sites have responded by changing their rules or opening additional states. It’s easy to become complacent about what happened months ago, but staying current means you’ll always be ahead of the curve.


The most important thing you could do to help yourself win at poker is to understand your own psychology. Knowing yourself well can benefit you immensely on every hand. Also, make sure to consider all 10 tips above, they will definitely pay off.