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If 2014 Grammy award-winning rockers and Record of the Year recipients Daft Punk are right –you long to “stay up all night to get lucky.” As long as you’re up, I hope you’ll drop in on the gaming site that’s become my pride and joy: My club’s roots are solid and built on old-fashioned service and payouts that recall early California poker clubs during the Gold Rush. For 20 years, I’ve insisted on pairing old-fashioned service with state-of-the-art technology and I’ve relied on my loyal patrons for feedback since the day I opened my doors. As a matter of fact, my bricks and mortar poker club became so popular, I had to grow the business and launch my own website. Of course, this club is like my child: I want it to be a safe, fun and winning experience – the kind you only get when there’s a real person behind the name. Count on me to deliver the perks and benefits you expect from an online resource that treats newbies and seasoned players with equal respect. Ready to play and call all the shots? I personally invite you to grab a front row cyber seat (stay in your PJs if you like). With me in your corner, you might not need Daft Punk to help you get lucky!

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A little more about me: I’m Angie and I’m more than just the founder of the poker club bearing my name and the website ( I’m proud to brag about. My enterprise is growing more popular by the day and as the proprieties, I’m the behind-the scenes-woman making the decisions and sometimes (ask my staff) the mother hen. I have my own way of doing things, but when it comes to pumping up the gaming excitement at either my Chino-based club or in cyberspace, I’m the most accessible and approachable woman you’ll ever meet. Sure, I want everyone visiting Angie’s Poker Club to have a fun time, but like most moms, I’m a little obsessive when it comes to my gamers: I insist on keeping things safe and secure so you’ll be eager to return. I may rule the roost in Chico, but I’m everywhere you need me to be: on the road, stuck on an airport tarmac or confined to your hotel room, thanks to the Internet. If there’s anything you like or don’t like about my clubs, don’t keep it to yourself! Drop in. Send me a note. Spread the word that is the only place to play 24/7.

Poker players from coast-to-coast — and folks visiting my website from abroad — frequent for a whole lot of reasons. All that’s required to join my gaming family is a computer – PC or Mac – and assuming you’re of legal age to play (don’t let me catch you trying to flaunt my rules!), you can look forward to the popular poker games my grandparents enjoyed and the newest game innovations from top technology companies in the gaming industry. Play to your hearts’ content knowing that you couldn’t find a safer, easier and more pleasurable way to get your game on. I’m Angie. And when it comes to online gaming, I’ve got your back!


I admit it: I’m a stickler for personal contact, so if you need me, you won’t find me hiding under a poker table in Chino. Visit my poker club, located at 1414 Park Avenue, or put me on speed dial to chat me or my crew up at 530.892.2282. I’ve been around the block, so if you’ve got a question about any aspect of gaming on my website, don’t just sit there, I invite you to communicate with me day or night and invite you to ask me every question under the sun about your game, software interface, tips, advice, terms and conditions. Heck, share your insecurities, ask for guidance or express concerns. Think of me as the mom who doesn’t expect a Mother’s Day gift!